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Coldslow and Coldbug VGA BIOS collection


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- GIGABYTE GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480refgbtcs.rom

- GIGABYTE GTX 480 SOC coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480soccs.ROM


You better say "Thank you lovely Etien" in all submissions with that card ;)


//edit: just bought a 480 SOC, made dump of that coldslow BIOS, deleted the Gigabyte one from our server and then reuploaded my own retail bought version. U MAD NVIDIA?

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Bricked performance.... FPS were in the toilet and stayed there until I reflashed.


I don't think I ever ran the card cold with that BIOS.... performance was so bad I didn't see how the MHz boost from colder temps would get me a better score.


I can't remember who I got it from.... it was years ago :(

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