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Performance problems with new GTX 560 Ti

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Hi guys.


Yesterday a new ASUS GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II arrived to my hands.


After install the latest available driver downloaded from nVidia's web site (not beta driver), i did some quick test with Aquamark and 3DMark 2001, just to find that performance isn't what I was waiting for.




1- GTX 260 192 SP did ~222 marks at stock clocks 655/1050/1480

2- GTX 560 Ti did ~207 marks at stock clocks 830/1002/1660


3DMark 2001


1- GTX 260 190 SP did ~48 marks at stock clocks 655/1050/1480

2- GTX 560 Ti did ~48 marks (yeah, the same) at stock clocks 830/1002/1660


Both ran on Win 7 x64 without tweak on 3DMark, but tweak on Aquamark for use all CPU cores.


Should not be those marks be much better that my old GTX 260 192 SP?


Do I missing something? Thanks for you help and let me know if you need more info

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