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Tones Overclock Academy II


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Heyo Boys and Girls !!


Tomorrow, the men (yes, men!!) from Madshrimps are heading out to the Belgian 'most powerful computer shop) TONES to help with/ host the second edition of the Tones Overclock Academy. Just like last time, 8 enthusiasts are invited to an exclusive session with the Madshrimps 'oc experts'. In return for their undivided attention, we'll give them a crash course in overclocking, extreme overclocking and of course explain them how benchmarking works.


This time 'round, our main partner is GIGABYTE! Thanks to the efforts of the local marketing Guru Sibren, we were able to set up 3 X58A-OC platforms for the enthusiasts to play with. Fun, fun, fun!




- introduction of the X58A-OC board, including an overview on the features

- crash course in X58 overclocking

- food, drinks, and more of that stuff

- have a (friendly) competition to find out who's got the biggest(*)

- introduction to extreme overclocking: insulation, dangers, benefits and so on

- extreme overclocking demonstration




- Intel Core i7 930, 975, 990X (OC for all chips!)


- GIGABYTE G1 Assassin (need comparison to show how OC board kicks ass)

- GIGABYTE Radeon HD 6990

- GTX 580 Direct CU II

- Kingston DDR3-1600CL9 memory

- Antec High Current Gamer 750W


And of course some prizes.




Here are a few quick shots I took with my cell phone. I'm sure Leeghoofd has much better quality pictures!







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As promised - the results.




- Intel Core i7 990X


- 2x AMD Radeon HD 6990 (1x GIGABYTE, 1x Sapphire)

- Corsair Dominator GTX2 (thank you, Leeghoofd)

- Corsair AX1200 (again, thank you Leeghoofd)

- Samsung HDD


The CPU was clocking like expected: 6400 in 3DMarks, 6000 for 3DMark Vantage. Too bad the cards couldn't be pushed further due to me lacking the right software. Luckily, the main focus of this event was not efficiency or top scores, but just showing off a 6.4GHz 990X with liquid nitrogen.


Once again, thanks to Tones for hosting this event!











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Fun and also pretty interesting. Many people are saying that overclocking is not interesting to 'normal' people because it's such an artificial sport, but we saw something different!


At this event, we explained the basics of X58 and GPU overclocking on air cooling to people who had 0 experience with the platform and afterwards we just let them play by themselves. Pretty impressive to see them push 990X to 4.8G on watercooling and try to max out the score, hehe.


Before they started playing with the setups, we ran a reference score in Vantage Entry (~ 86k iirc) and based on that score each of the eight participants made a guess on what would be the highest score they (not us!) would achieve on the 4 setups. When wrapping up the first part of the demo (the air cooling overclocking), all the participants gathered around the setups closely watching the FPS go up and down and actually being excited about the end result :D. Of course, they are excited because of the prizes, but still ... within a very small timeframe they were only focussed on FPS, performance and MHZ rather than the 24/7 gain by overclocking.


- Blind is the one behind the camera :D

- the hairless one is Gamer: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90/blind_ripper/oc%20academy%20at%20%20tones/DSC01720.jpg

- the freaky one is Leeghoofd: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90/blind_ripper/oc%20academy%20at%20%20tones/DSC01683.jpg

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Yah im tellin ya alot more "power users" would dig overclocking if they could participate in something similar to this. Great job here!


Me and shamino always get some guy or guys to OC on ln2 (who have no oc experiences at all) at every single event we did in public and it was always positive.

When you see them "get it" its pretty cool :D

Tones ftw...

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It's okay, failing is rather difficult (although it happens). Only thing that I needed to do was show 6400MHz 980X :).


Btw, Teemto is a recruit from the previous edition. He already had knowledge on AMD setups, but now he's playing all kinds of hardware AND contributing big time to the team!


He also joined Leeghoofd in the MSI MOA Benelux 2011 live contest earlier this year :D

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