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ShockG - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1000/1150MHz - 39100 marks 3DMark06


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It's exactly the same actually. There's no difference even when changing boards from the P8P67 to this one, Windows didn't install anything. They really are the same "chipset". P8P67PRO Deluxe is the only board that allows me 5.5GHz 8 threads for some reason

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I dot' know what this card can do under LN2 yet as I've not had the chance to freeze it. When I do you'll be sure to know about it. As for the Board, well It's just a crap CPU really. So far the card is promising but requires tons of mods unlike the DCUII or the Lightning. (As for local Pricing, expect the usual from Rectron :( )

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