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Presler 950 CPUZ results screwed up.

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I was checking the results for the Presler 950 CPUZ scores and something didn't look right. I always thought I had the second highest but there were 3 ahead of me. I go to checking the validation links and it turns out the first place one is listed as 6.4ghz when in reality it is 4.6ghz, the third place entry is actually a Presler 960 not a 950. Below is a copy/paste of the listing.


Arctic Ice's Pentium 4 'D' 950 6411.44mhz 6411.44 (this one is actually 4.6ghz)

Entsafter's Pentium 4 'D' 950 5991.65mhz 5991.65

PcCI2iminal's Pentium 4 'D' 950 5921mhz 5921.00 (this one is a 960 not a 950)

boshuter's Pentium 4 'D' 950 5617.63mhz 5617.63


I hope this is the correct way to point out this discrepency.

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corrected, thanks for letting us know :)

You got the 960 removed, but the other one is still wrong. The top score is the 950 @ 4.6ghz, I think he just entered the wrong score. The results URL is below.





if you post the URL of the top scores which are wrong, or use the "report" link in those results, we can get to them right away, thanks for notifying us

I can't find a "report" link?

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