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benching win7 & 3d03


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hey gents just wondering why my 3d03 gts 250 score has been removed i tested every OS and found win7 to give me greater points i have used no illegal tweak and have broken no rules. It is no bugged run as K404 has suggested as i can repeat this all day long. Also K404 said it's an issue with 8 series gpu's i know this to be false also as yesterday i benched my 4870 and again win7 wins out giving me a great score but there is no point me benching 03 with win 7 as my results will just get shot down.(i did not bother submitting my 4870 result)


Either add to the rules no win 7 benching for this benchmark or reinstate my score, it is no different to other people using different OS's to score better in certain benchmarks


Also you would need to remove everyone elses 3d03 submission that uses win7 to make this fair and i know this won't be done.


Not trying to start an argument with you at all but think perhaps a discussion in the forums need to be had because at this stage i can not bench 3d03 on win7 as my scores are good?


Isn't this the whole point of what we do tweak to get the best scores.


3D01 is a perfect example of what i mean i can hit big clocks with both cpu and gpu but still can't get near some guys running much lower clocks, i do not complain there run is bugged because XP scores higher than win7 because thats just how it is.



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Link to what mate if you mean my gts250 3d03 result i subbmitted to the bot then it has been removed i think as i can no longer see it.


The pic i added above is that exact same one i submitted afew days ago and was flagged by K404 i beleive.


If you can't see the pic let me know and i'll try fix the link


Thanks for looking

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  • Crew

yes i see this ss, give me a little time, the page is very slow, I dont know why.


Edit>: at the end , here the link




I think something is bug in this, because you with low Mhz ( cpu and gpu) you get much better score.


GT4 (Mother Nature is too high by this mhz)


See this: your benchmark (win 7) in GT4 = 552.1

cpu= i7 930 4356 Mhz --- Gpu= 864/1224


Another Benchmark (win XP ) in GT4 = 386.6

cpu= E8600 5367 Mhz --- Gpu= 922/1322




One more bench: (win XP) in GT4= 383.7



Cpu= i7 2600K 5400 Mhz --- Gpu= 870/1400.

low score than your run, but more mhz used, cpu and gpu


Imho your run appears to be bugged, but isn't your fault, win 7 and 3D'03 sometimes run bugged.

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  • Crew

K404s scores on the first 3 tests scores far better then you, just in nature you pOwn him hard (with far lower clocks) Tweaking via OS, nah.. though kuddos you worked hard to discover it...


Rebench eg on XP... and see the difference in subtests... In fact it's not your fault each run is bugged, though as listed above there are discrepancies in your score outcome. Some tests can't score higher than others, but you will discover that quickly when comparing with other scores (see which tests crap out...)


Drivers can boost performance, but that doesn't mean ( especially in 3Dmark03 which is very GPU dependant ) that you can surpass guys that run eg 25% faster clocks with decent CPU speeds... and your nature score goes close to ...% faster than anyone elses... doesn't seem logic does it...


if you fail to understand ask your dad why that chair is called a chair... he will tell you son, it's like that...


I hardly overlook scores, but when I have a similar card and look at the scores and see something weird, then it's normal it will be rectified...

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In normal runs, ( with some cards, with some other cards it's slower than XP ) under Win7 Nature gets a boost ( not 200+ fps though :P ) and the GT2 & GT3 tests drop down a bit.

That's a normal run.


But having a Nature or any other subtest score like a GTX 580 @ 1100MHz with a GTS 250 or a 8800GT 512MB then something is very wrong there ( bugged run due to anything, could be that the driver crapped out, could be borderline CPU or VGA stability, software crap out, etc )

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