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[BUGS] hwbot: Revision 4 up and running!

Christian Ney

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Another thing is that not correct my placement within the country, and we can not see the rating of the country and teams.



Ditto. My points and position on my profile do not not correspond with my points and position on my country leaderboard.

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Classicplatforms doesn't show on the team league list when filtered down to USA.

Also, we show as "unknown team" and I can't change anything under the team account to fix it.

And I STILL have submissions hanging that haven't been calculated from yesterday AND today.

I know you're busy, I'm just letting you know.;)

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I hope this is the right thread.


One short question:

if i go there an look onto my 3D03 submissions i see this my best score with 1*4870X2 @117514 points. But thats not my really best score. if than i'll go to view all scores than my submission with 2*4870X2@157455 comes on the screen. Is that normal or a bug?



And two other things.

1.) i've an Asus Board but i have choosen one time an Asrock in a submission. And now every time i take the template and change the name from Asrock to Asus it leaves on Asrock.

2.) If i try to fill in an BCLK (102.4) than it makes after submission automatically an semikolon after the BCLK (102.4,) AND fills also in the value in the graphiccards gpu value.

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