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How to keep track of upcoming HWBOT builds


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I think this link has been public for a while, but probably got lost. Anyway, to keep track of the issues/bugs/ideas/... we maintain a JIRA project. This project is public, which means you can see exactly what is planned, what is in progress, what didn't make it and so on.


Link: http://bugs.hwbot.org/browse/HWBOT


Note that the JIRA project is quite dynamic as funtion of Frederik's free time. That means that sometimes we move tasks from one release to another if we see we won't be able to make it in time or if we just weren't able to make it.

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To those who are monitoring our backlog: you might have noticed that the actual development of the site (bugs, features, etc) has slowed down over the last couple of weeks/months. Currently, most (if not all) time available goes into the construction works to finish our new office.


We hope that the office will be ready by the end of this month (18-22 Oct). Once the office is ready, development will go faster again.


Thanks for understanding.

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