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HWBOT rev 4.0.1 release notes


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HWBOT v4.0.1 has been released and installed in production.



Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.0.1

** Improvement
   * [HWBOT-103] - Recalculate best submissions button: make available for end-users again

** Story
   * [HWBOT-39] - DDR3 memory product group chart
   * [HWBOT-237] - Internationalization: update for rev4
   * [HWBOT-361] - Score ranking optimalisations
   * [HWBOT-362] - User logs into a other user's account

** Sub Task
   * [HWBOT-220] - Ability to moderate videocard and cpu via user interface
   * [HWBOT-221] - Update admin.hwbot.org to work with new database
   * [HWBOT-285] - [competition] improve rules section
   * [HWBOT-334] - Last minute bug #2
   * [HWBOT-337] - Forum layout when frontpage interaction
   * [HWBOT-338] - URL of hardware with '.' in name
   * [HWBOT-340] - Menu dropdown not always visible when flash banner is shown
   * [HWBOT-341] - Banner in MFC competition
   * [HWBOT-342] - Section for prizes on competition page should move to main section
   * [HWBOT-344] - Chrome: ctrl+click on url opens new tab, but also opens link in same tab
   * [HWBOT-345] - Logging out doesn't work
   * [HWBOT-346] - Cooling type not displayed on submission details ranking
   * [HWBOT-347] - User country rankings <-> ranking indication in user profile
   * [HWBOT-352] - Records per page filter does not work
   * [HWBOT-353] - Mixed language problem
   * [HWBOT-357] - P67 reference clock ranking bugged
   * [HWBOT-360] - Competition stage sidebar ranking optimalisation

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  • Crew

hmm, where do i find the recalculate best submission button?


i still have the "mixed language" problem. some parts are in german or english, but i want all in english. in my profile english is selected.


mobo adding in admin panel still gives an error. :(

videocard\cpu as well.

Edited by Turrican
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  • Crew

not entirely, at least for pre-4.0.1 blocked\moved results. ;)


when a submission gets blocked or moved to another category the actual category doesn't recalculate.




the 2nd guy in q6600 pcmark vantage is 5th when you click on him, because the other guys which were in front of him were moved to 3dmark vantage.



x300 3dmark03, the first guy got blocked because of bugged result. ranking still not calculated, hence the "real" 1st guy is still second and gets points as he would be 2nd.



8600gt 3dmark03 is the same. 1st guy is still 2nd.


Edited by Turrican
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