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Llano IGP seems okay :-)


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Llano (Lima-Lima-Alpha-November-Oscar, that's two times "L", not "Liano") is a 32 nm CPU based on slightly improved K10.5 (Deneb) architecture with some Radeon cores, as matose said.


Zambezi is a 32nm CPU based on Bulldozer architecture without any GPU.


Bulldozer-based APU will come next year.

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Holy....The onboard IGP surely as strong as predicted!


I need my GMA HD 3000 be run at 2200Mhz to get just P4030-P4050 on Vantage, and this Llano get more than that easily...very nice :D :D


It's good for mITX light gaming rig i guess, looking forward to test one when it's available :)

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