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HWBOT mainboard usage since 2008

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Hey all,


I've been having a bit of fun with the database and pulled this chart from it. The unofficial mark means that I didn't put a lot of effort in taking out the false positives (eg: user indicated wrong motherboard), but these should be quite minimal. This chart shows the amount of unique overclockers that use a certain mainboard brand over time. Note: one person can use multiple brands! We can see that:


- 1/2 overclockers use ASUS

- 1/3 also use GIGABYTE


This is pretty interesting, because it kind of points to the situation where a lot of people are convinced of the quality of an ASUS mainboard (well, 50% does not use one!), but more and more people will test a GIGABYTE mainboard too. Translated into a current situation: people may use M4E first, but then also use GIGABYTE for good 3DMark01.



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Just more height, so there's like 3cm per 10% rather than less than 1cm. e.g. April 2009 is hard to make out. It also gives space to add brands.


Have you not got access or Origin? Makes very pretty/easy to read graphs. Excel is just bleh imo for this sort of thing

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No Access or Origin. Google charts APIs might be interesting for adding this kind of graphs to the frontpage, though. Need to look into that.


Here's a more pertinent chart: what brand of mainboard people use for Xtreme overclocking. XOC defined as CPU or VGA on subzero cooling. 2007/2008 might be a tad erratic, 2009-2011 data is okay. Check out Evga's position in 2009!



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