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I have a query about Global Points and their contribution to pro league rankings.


Recently i noticed a user in the Pro league had two results in their top 15 for wPrime 32M, 1024M, and a couple others. The difference was the hardware used.


For global points, if I have a great CPU can i then use different video cards (e.g. AM3 use 5870, 6970, 480, 580) and all of them attract GL points and all of them count towards my Pro league ranking?

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The difference was probably the amount of cores that the hardware used. The same goes for Aquamark: you can get points in the 1x, 2x, 3x and 4x GPU category. In theory, that is.


Looking at the category points of 2/3/4x, I don't think they will be included in your 15 most rewarding scores.

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