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HWBOT rev 4.1.0 release notes


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Release Notes - HWBOT - Version hwbot v4.1.0


Yesterday evening (GMT+2), we published HWBOT R4.1. Underneath you can find a list of all the improvements over R4.0.1. Some are small bugs, some are just for internal usage. The most important one for you is of course our new search engine, which saw a lot of improvements and has a lot more features than the one of HWBOT R3! Feel free to check it out: http://hwbot.org/search/submissions


All features were tested on our test server and were found functional. However, sometimes merging to public brings new bugs. Feel free to report any bugs!




[HWBOT-383] - Internet Explorer: banner is not visible

[HWBOT-386] - Bug: shader clock not saved

[HWBOT-393] - Incorrect TPP when user joins new team

[HWBOT-394] - REV4 Points issues

[HWBOT-400] - Enable achievements




[HWBOT-215] - Rev4 product database extention (disk/psu)

[HWBOT-374] - Score ranking: brand and product group of partner not visible

[HWBOT-375] - Split up benchmark navigation into processor, mainboard, videocard and memory benchmarks

[HWBOT-385] - User profile: indicate if team captain

[HWBOT-387] - HCE: competition stage by benchmark subtest

[HWBOT-395] - HCE: control over prize listing




[HWBOT-198] - HWBOT server monitoring

[HWBOT-319] - Functional testing of rev4

[HWBOT-396] - Add Oceania as region

[HWBOT-397] - Reset password functionality

[HWBOT-398] - Prepare market share reports for GIGABYTE

[HWBOT-399] - XML API - competition and result hof


Sub Task


[HWBOT-204] - Help section

[HWBOT-206] - FAQ section

[HWBOT-322] - Competitions

[HWBOT-339] - Unigene submission

[HWBOT-348] - Personal page with overview of which scores dropped and gained points (notifications)

[HWBOT-351] - Internet explorer: points tab on user profile bug

[HWBOT-356] - QPI/ref clock submission bug

[HWBOT-358] - Team's "today submissions"

[HWBOT-359] - Team homepage link

[HWBOT-364] - Add rules link to benchmark table

[HWBOT-365] - Internet Explorer: enlarging screenshot forces download

[HWBOT-366] - Achievements not functional?

[HWBOT-369] - Rankings: exception for team rankings under team profile: show user name, not team name

[HWBOT-370] - Add Hardware Masters ranking to personal profile overview

[HWBOT-376] - Description field of submission not functional

[HWBOT-379] - Can't update country field in team profile

[HWBOT-380] - Not possible to indicate #cores with unlockable CPUs

[HWBOT-381] - Show cooling in submission table

[HWBOT-388] - Search news

[HWBOT-389] - Search members

[HWBOT-390] - Search teams

[HWBOT-391] - Search submissions

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How do you get an achievement to unlock? Should be automatic, but it's not. I should have top 20 now.....i prolly wont have it for long, lol!


I see you gained it this night:



Some achievements are handed out immediately, but achievements concerning your rank/points are handed out at night.

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Notifications doesn't work on my side, I blocked a result to jump one of my score (gain rank/points) then 1 hour after I checked/enabled the result again to drop the rank/points of my score (Be back to normal in fact). And there is nothing on my profile about that gain/drop (natifications).


PS: I did that with the approval of the blocked/enabled submissions' owner

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