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Processor specifications requests : Llano CPUs and GPUs?


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Llano? Sabine/Lynx Processors, and associated HD graphics:\r\n\r\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMD_Fusion#Lynx\r\n\r\nCPUs (Lynx):\r\nA4-3300\r\nA4-3400\r\nA6-3500\r\nA6-3600\r\nA6-3650\r\nA8-3800\r\nA8-3850\r\n\r\nCPUs (Sabine):\r\nE2-3300M\r\nA4-3300M\r\nA4-3310MX\r\nA6-3400M\r\nA6-3410MX\r\nA8-3500M\r\nA8-3510MX\r\nA8-3850MX\r\n\r\nIntegrated Graphics:\r\nHD 6410D\r\nHD 6530D\r\nHD 6550D\r\nHD 6380G\r\nHD 6480G\r\nHD 6520G\r\nHD 6620G

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