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T_M - 2x GeForce GTX 580 @ 925/1100MHz - 3173.67 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset (DX11)


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Seems the system is really slow at updating global points after you edit a submission.

Clearly this is a 2x result and I editted it straight away after submission (about 2 hours ago).

Massman something to look into?

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After edited result , press recalculating button , is all.


Recalculating button is under edit button , same right corner.


Interesting, i didn't think that calculation of points was something for the user to do.

Suggest Massman takes a look at this.

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Massman, although this score has been fixed in the calculation of my GL points and ranking, it still shows up incorrect in my list of top 15 GL points in my profile.

Can you please fix?


It all happened because my first submission was accidentally as single card, so i got 118 GL points for it.

I then edited the submission, recalculated it, etc.

It is now fixed everywhere except in my profile top 15 GL points table which still shows the 118 pts.

Edited by T_M
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