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Massman - test - 452 points AS SSD Benchmark


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How do we submit an AS SSD run, its not on the submit page?


This was just a first test, the benchmark isn't public yet.


How do we show raided setups?

Looks like crystaldiskinfo may not show these :(


Good question!


Do you have any suggestions for this? My knowledge on storage configurations is poor to say the least, so any suggestions coming from people with great know-how, like yourself, would be more than welcome :)

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but we have to differ between raid and single ssd/hdd configurations.

in addition this benchmark is only for disk drives an not for ram disks (the score for ram setups is exorbitant high like here: http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/attachments/439320d1310283880-sammelthread-der-ranked-ssd-highscore-thread-ramdisk.jpg :D ).


as ssd includes a very bad bug in some system configurations. with some luck u get more than 350m/s write in the 4k64thrd part of the bench. this score cant be reached from any known disk or ssd.

screenshot of the bug: http://extreme.pcgameshardware.de/attachments/430900d1308594723-sammelthread-der-ranked-ssd-highscore-thread-unbenannt.jpg


we have discussed this a lot in pcgh disk forum but didnt found the roots of this bug yet.

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Just a question or 2:

Will this BenchMark be limited to just SSD HD's? Or will A-Cards and I-Rams as well as Mechanical HD's and so on be able to submit for this Bench?

The maximum number of raided drives submittable right now is x4; Will that number be increased?

Than you...

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