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Remove SiSoft Sandra?


Remove SiSoft Sandra from HWBOT ?  

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  1. 1. Remove SiSoft Sandra from HWBOT ?

    • Yes, remove it.
    • No, keep it.
    • I don't care either way!

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Hello all,


For some time now, I've been thinking about the place of SiSoft Sandra at HWBOT. The benchmark's rankings lost its meaning with all the different versions floating around and has been hwboint-less since 2007 and even back in 2006 we had a discussion about the future of the bench here at HWBOT (http://hwbot.org/forum/showthread.php?t=336).


For me, this benchmark is no longer needed at the bot. I notice from submission statistics that very few people are still submitting scores to it and if they do, it's probably just to fill their profile. In the last 7 months (2011) less than 100 people submitted a score to the database. Next to that, the vast amount of SiSoft versions makes comparison pretty much useless.


I would propose to completely remove the benchmark from HWBOT. We can look for an alternative to replace SiSoft.


So far, the reponses are quite unanimous: no one has really spoken for keeping Sandra as it is now.



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Alternative can be add PC Mark 7 with points , is the latest FM launch and need to promove it.


Sisoft is dont need , since 2006-2007 and dont progress with points and submissions , I vote remove it.

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maybe you could make a list of benchmarks, that could replace the sandra?

there are a lot of different benchmarks. maybe a hd-tune for hdd-benches? :) there are lots of benches vor cpu und gpu, and one for board and two for ram but no bench for hdd/ssd.

and as cathegories:


- 5,25" ide

- 3,5" ide, sata (II, III), scsi (div.)

- 2,5" ide, sata (II, III), scsi (div.)

- 1,8" ide, sata (II, III), scsi?



maybe cd-rom, dvd-rom and blue-ray, too?

that would be more hardware to bench :D

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One of the reasons there are so few benmchmark submissions SiSoft Sandra is probably because the rules specifies SiSoft Sandra 2007, a version which does not seem to be available for download anymore. I did some googling for it a few weeks ago, but could not even find it on any third-party websites.

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but please a lot of different cathegories. if just the fastest hdd/ssd counts, there will be just ssd-benches and a few or no hdd-benches.

each cathegorie for it´s own: 1,8", 2,5", 3,5", 5,25"... maybe 5400 rpm, 7200 rpm and 10000 rpm...

and please separate ide, sata, scsi...

the more cathegories, the more benches, the more fun! :D


oh it´s realy difficult to find a programm to verify what controller and (raid-)setup was used :o

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