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Blocked / Deleted Scores

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No - you just deleted it
You are wrong. It is blocked but you cannot see it. Any moderator can bring it back if we will discover your results are valid.
FFS - are you on crack??
You are rude. I did not insult any one this forum. Why did you do so?
there is a difference in terminolgy here you know
You are right. There is difference. I apologize for this. But I did not get an explanation at the end of the day, did I?
Guilty until found innocent and plenty of veiled insults in the process
Can you understand that was not my decision only? We had discussed your results and reach conclusion your scores are not possible. And please quote me where I was insulting any one without any reason. Edited by demiurg
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surely you have a digital photo camera that takes videos

just set that up, record it and thats it


It would not proof anything because no one thinks bob(nz) cheated. Bugged run is bugged run. You can photo it, recording it on video, but it still be bugged run.


P.S. I am still waiting a citation.

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