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FM1 A55/A75 BIOS Collection


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The links are fixed, but give it another hour before the download will work (updating the file permissions)


Would have been easier and time saving if you would have banned Allen - soon he will move on to next platform and complain again :D

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On 4/22/2012 at 4:22 PM, Formula350 said:

Been testing a Beta BIOS (F8b) for Gigabyte to fix a huge issue I discovered: CPU-NB (NClk) not running at full speed (runs at 720MHz, even when set to DDR3-1866, instead of 900MHz like it should) and effects what I assume to be the whole A75 line. For sure the UD4H and UD2H.


Anyways... There is now the option to select the NClk divisors, up to quite an extreme level, though unfortunately anything lower than 4.00 (900MHz) results in the system not posting, and not recovering via Backup BIOS. But still, it's so much nicer! I'd attach it, but I'm not sure how GB would feel, and also I think the rather early (slightly broken) NClk adjustments might cause some undue tech support tickets :o Oh forgot, the memory Proc ODT is either glitched or broken too, with AUTO completely not working. :S

Holy thread revive but does anyone know if this BIOS was ever made public?

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