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OC test results of twenty (20!) RETAIL MSI GTX 580 Lightnings ...


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So, as you all know, this weekend there's the third edition of Tones OC Academy in Utrecht, Holland. This time, we'll be cooperating with MSI. Of course, we have to prepare ourselves and check that all the hardware that the students will be using is actually functioning properly, so we spend some time figuring out if that was indeed the case.


As you already know, there will be 20 lightnings at the disposal of our students. So ... let's test them on stock air cooling and find out the average capabilities of this graphics card! Since these cards are totally, totally retail, I figured it should be quite interesting to see what these cards are worth when they are not pre-tested and then sent to award-throwing media :)




th_1.jpg th_2.jpg th_3.jpg th_4.jpg th_5.jpg th_6.jpg


(quite of lot of these cards had a Japanese support sticker on them. Sorry Team Katana!)




- benchmark test: GT4 3DM11

- all mem results are artifact free

- only 10 minutes per card, so not that extensive OC


Since we only used one subtest of 3DM11 for the testing, it's quite possible that the actual maximum of these cards is a tad lower when running the full run. Perhaps someone at home can test the difference between GT4 stable clocks and full run stable clocks on stock air?



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It might be a sign that you suck even more badly than Massman. :D


It's a clear sign your intelligence is not yet up to scratch Jonas... it's comon knowledge : everybody sucks compared to massman


Did these Samples spank your review sample, or did Massman spank YOU? :P


no further comment... I leave you with you erotic day dream Kenny


Is it okay if I'm NOT there at 7:00, but later?


07:15 then ?

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Good thread. You guys are so lucky :) I hope you had a chance to select few of the best ones for Ln2 testing?

It would be very cool to see same cards tested at fixed settings and then with max oc.


If possible test like -100C and see how the cards are doing and then max oc. We should see some greater differences between those cards.


Yes, I know you can not do it, but I was dreaming anyway.


And with amount of binning we are like this nowadays :)


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