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Christian Ney - GeForce4 Ti 4200 128 @ 380/400MHz - 22251 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Christian Ney

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Many thanks padawan :D


Hum seems the only tweak I missed is the set to performance instead of high performance, I guess

let's do some tests tomorrow


Cheaper than with the two other pirates we have here :P

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No :P I'm 26 and my first personal machine had mx440, but I've played with way older cards (s ageneral, not only AGP), something like Ati Rage, 3dfx Voodoo's, Riva TNT, GeForce 256, GTS. Didn't have my personal one, because my family was poor.


Oldest cards I have now are some Radeon 9550 and 9600XT. If we don't count the S3 Trio64v2 :D

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