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Score Doesn't make sense


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Please see this





The above is 1st place...


Here is mine, 2 place...




I find it hard to believe a stock p4 is going to take my deneb at 3.4, by that many points.. I know 3dmark01 is a single core app but I had it all setup for such. I am 90% sure I was running 4x mode too. I am going to retry this with a P D @ 3.4 and a 775 board


Update: something is wrong here... the guy in 4th place I believe is running a Northwood P4 also at something like 3.6...

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So, updated drivers, performance options set, running a P D @ 3.4. score of 618 in 3dmark01. Video card at 172/172 via powerstrip @ 4x with various other options set in XP PRO. This makes sense, with the settings above with a AM2 board and a Deneb overclocked to 3.4 I score 817. How is this guy getting 1331? Something is fishy. lol, I sound like a dork.


A Ati Rage 128pro 4xl has twice the performance of a Ati Rage 128 Pro Ultra 4x? Usually the processors packs the most punch in 3dmark01 if running close to the same cards.

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This should be enough proof...


We know a Pentium D @ 3.66 will wax a P 4 @ 2.66. And a Deneb @ 3.4 will wax both put together. All driver and all features are setup for the Pentium D to run correctly, and the best I can get is 708ish. How the heck do I push something to get double the score when having better hardware and settings then the person in 1st place. Plus loose with a AM2 Deneb setup. This is a tad bit different then newer hardware because there is much much more headroom. But chances are if you have the same video card clocked the same with a 2600k vs a 965 amd, the 2600k in 3dmark01 will spank the amd. <- example


Must have something to do with him having a different Rage 128 Pro 4x card.. Mine is suppose to be the top Rage 128pro 4x card next to the furry maxx(which is dual qpu). It has to be, it is the only different card listed in the 5 posts... A Ati Rage 128 Pro 4XL must be a ton faster then a Ati Rage 128 Pro Ultra 4x, even though my core clock is higher.


I have a bad *ss Abit IC7 Socket 478 board and a P4 2.66. I will dry ice that biatch and overlock my Rage Ultra card, and I bet I will be lucky to hit the 708 I hit with my Pentium D

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