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Daughter born

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I have to say the same thing what I said to PJ in assembly -"It is hard to make babies with redtube" :)

So, we will propably need to wait a bit.


There is hope :D



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Congratulation richi, that seems to be a sweet little baby. Seems you have done everything right ~9 month ago :D

I wish your kid all the best!


wow, congratulations





Now you are a father


Submission in progress: Feed your baby with LN2 (picture required) :D


Lol. Kids. No thanks ...

I've seen one of Leeghoofd's run around in circles like a maniac at 8PM in the evening ... that was already too much for me.


Interesting how you try to distract us from the obvious:

finding a massgirl for the massman should be a bigger problem than a kid running in circles :P:D

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