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Don't push all the responsibility onto me PJ!:P

AFAIR soldering VGA chip on the elder card series PCB means moving to stronger category. Can't find the link on the appropriate posts here but this was already discussed at HWBOT earlier.

So the thing TiN wants to do means he would compete in GF 8600 GTS category, especially concerning both GPUs have the same shader-ROP-bit formula.

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So I cannot use my 8600GTS? :(


Still has 32 cuda cored

Still has 128bit memory

Has 512mb GDDR3

Has 1-PCI-E 6pin in.

It seems you can't, sorry..

GF 8600 GT category is still much more popular and competitive. One of the ideas was to involve more people into the game. Adding 8600 GTS means their owners will get a strong bonus with RAM OC so clocking 8600 GT would become a waste when competing the top. Means less results, less people.

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Okay. Let's do it this way:


- de/re-soldering of GPU/MEM chips = not okay

- adding PWM to existing cards = okay


Moar Zombie !


this is not OK

- de/re-soldering of GPU/MEM chips = okay

- adding PWM to existing cards = okay

this is ok


@Xteme Labs

If the TIN will compete with the EVGA untouchable for any other competition misses the point.

Tin can show us the limits 8600GT but anyone else who is not a HW engineer as he will not be able to reach it

I say that this contest was interesting ;)


and in the and do you think limit CPU on 5500 of 5300

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I may take part in competition just to encourage people to learn more and modify their cards in more ways.

Of course I have more capabilities to push vga to it's max than overclockers, but I will not share anything related to internal stuffs,

so my scores would not be for prizes, if you meant that.


Btw, I even may give away EVGA Untouchable to best performed modification on 8600GT during this contest, if I get impressed :)

So do your best and show us results.

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