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HybridChiller - 2x Xeon X5550 @ 4100MHz - 36333 marks PCMark 2005


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this one has even more on the general usage hdd test 872mb/s : http://hwbot.org/submission/2158184_tiltevros_pcmark_2005_2x_xeon_e5520_29211_marks


But all the rest like transparant windows is very bad of him and other subtests.

My transparant etc are much better.


with me it was 10x trying to get the Startup tests below 220mb/s, i whanted to touch as short as possible like 219mb/s, but that i didn't get.

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I'm also interested in the rest of the subtest scores, so if you can post the FM link I would appreciate it as well. I have a 100GB Revodrive X2, and your 960GB is crushing it. :) Maybe I'll try the Silicon Image driver also if I can find it, but I suspect the majority of your advantage is actually your Revodrive capacity.

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