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12 - GeForce 8600 GT 256MB GDDR3 @ 936/1200MHz - 81509 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Diabolo 80

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TaPaKaH i know it's not, but GBT boards seem to be very unpredictable & uncertain for me even with the same settings within two-three hours not talking ablout days. one day it works 6-9-6 2100+, another day it goes to cyclic restart even at 2133 8-10-8. hate GBT. can definitely tell that after testing more than 10 dif. models of their boards for SB (some in several samples).

seems i've got a kind of anti-bullshit mobo poltergeist lol

12 and you are real hero 'cuz of fighting on/with GBT

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I noticed those issues to appear on my UD3P only when you're really pushing the CPU close to its max (within <50MHz of it). In which case yes - the stability of same settings may vary depending on the weather conditions on Jupiter, that's why I kept my CPU freqs so conservative.

Here's my 1125 6-10-7 32M screen by the way.

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