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GIGABYTE AMD A55/A75 Chipset OC Guide


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Got this in the mail today, might be interesting for you folks


PDF A55 Guide:

PDF A75 Guide:


AMD Llano platform was launched recently and it offers some interesting overclocking abilities and impressive 3D performance boost once system is tweaked. Llano platform has decent potential to make a great all rounder/home media PC, office machine, even a gaming machine on a budget. We finally have an integrated GPU platform with some solid graphics performance thanks to AMD and would like to share an OC guide!


The key to unlocking the potential of Llano platform is overclocking. GIGABYTE A-Series motherboard range has big overclocking capability. The purpose of this guide is to show and analyse that overclocking capability and provide some general pointers and key overclocking parameters, in order to get the most out of the platform to improve end user experience.


Let's start with the test system used. High performance components were chosen purely for testing purposes and to show capability of the platform rather than an indicative mainstream system, it's up to end users to combine what price/performance components they wish to purchase.


Final overclocking results and conclusions


Key parameters to overclock A-Series AMD platforms are bclock, CPU and memory frequencies. They further require voltage tuning via VCORE, VDDP, VCORE NB and VDIMM. Memory OC is the most important parameter to drastically affect 3D performance while CPU OC is required to show significant jumps in 2D performance.


Final overclocking results charts provided below show 2.9GHz vs 3.6GHz results where only CPU speed was changed. It shows that only CPU based benchmarks benefited up to 22% with raised CPU clocks alone. CPU clocks were raised 24% to achieve this showing that any 2D based benchmarks and applications will only benefit from faster processing if the CPU clocks are raised.


Second set of charts show stock to 3.7Ghz OC with all parameters tuned. We chose this frequency due to very little voltage tuning required (VCORE and VDIMM only change), memory was at 2272MHz and GPU at 852Mhz. The average increase in performance was 64% which was much higher than 27% CPU OC we used suggesting having a good motherboard capable of overclocking memory high will provide better overall system performance. 3D based benchmarks averaged just under 100% OC with 4GB RAM and 110% with 8GB ram running at 2400Mhz. 8GB RAM OC also helped us reach P6244 in 3DMARK Vantage, very cool!

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Well, it would be helpful to say also that, if you're planning to go@ln2 with Llano, the UD4H isn't a good mobo... mosfets tend to burn after only 2 or 3h at ln2 according to my and gappo's experience in the A75 August comp. ;)

No issues with SS, but don't go ln2, unless you are aware you're putting at risk mosfets and chokes ;)

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