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Post here if your submission doesn't earn 3D WR Points

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Very thanks Christian!

Just little problem now...

Yesterday, before post result I was about 838 Points...so after poster, my 3DM03 score was not computed and I lose lots of points to 758 points....

After you fixed, the score and pontuation show correct points and show I got the points, but I keep with 758 points and keep loosing lots of points....lol

Thanks for your support

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Hi Hwbot!

HWbot reply my email and told me just fixed the points, but not fixed yet.


Yesterday I did have 923 points


So I posted this result




Nobody posted any result that bring me to drop down my points....as you can check




So...I got the 2nd place and the correct was to gain about 30 more points... (923 + 30 ... just consider that my worse score amount the 15 best must go out).


HWBot told me just fixed.... so now I have 919 points (I am sure thars wrong)...

I claim to you to fix to correct.


Thanks in advance


(sorry to be posted another thread....will not repeat this again)

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I posted here (I don't know if its a right place), but something wrong happens with my results.

I have no one result did surpass me today and yesterday, but weird i was stoled with 28 points (lol).




Thats the result and yesterday I did have more than 980 points... now I losed and I have 953 points


Please check and fix (I think I found the problem...)








But I still in second place... and I do not know why hwbot get my points....so I losed 28 points without reason




Thanks in advance

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