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Until we find the time necessary to build a new hardware database overview, here's the list.




- Processor database list (last update 22/09/2011): http://hwbot.org/news/6192_hwbot_database_cpu_list

- Videocard database list (last update 22/09/2011): http://hwbot.org/news/6197_hwbot_database_videocard_list



SELECT "<tr><td>",manufacturer.name,"</td><td>", cpu_family.name,"</td><td>",cpu_subfamily.name,"</td><td>",cpu_core.name,"</td><td><a href='http://hwbot.org/hardware/processor/",cpu_model.safe_name,"/' target='_blank'>", cpu_model.model,"</a></td></tr>" FROM cpu_model JOIN cpu_subfamily ON (cpu_model.subfamily_id = cpu_subfamily.subfamily_id) JOIN cpu_core ON (cpu_core.core_id = cpu_model.core_id) JOIN cpu_family ON (cpu_subfamily.family_id = cpu_family.family_id) JOIN manufacturer ON (cpu_family.manufacturer_id = manufacturer.manufacturer_id) ORDER BY manufacturer.name, cpu_family.name, cpu_subfamily.name, cpu_core.name, cpu_model.model ASC;


SELECT "<tr><td>",manufacturer.name,"</td><td>", gpu_family.name,"</td><td>",gpu_core.codename,"</td><td><a href='http://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/",gpu_model.safe_name,"/' target='_blank'>", gpu_model.model,"</a></td></tr>" FROM gpu_model JOIN gpu_core ON (gpu_core.core_id = gpu_model.core_id) JOIN gpu_family ON (gpu_core.family_id = gpu_family.family_id) JOIN manufacturer ON (gpu_family.manufacturer_id = manufacturer.manufacturer_id) ORDER BY manufacturer.name, gpu_family.name, gpu_model.model ASC;

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