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I.nfraR.ed - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1167.9MHz - 1167.9 MHz Memory Clock


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Yes, they do.

I was also curious and ran some tests. Unfortunately PI32M at CL4 screenshot got corrupted, so I need to rerun it. Expect some more results later.


First of all, here's my 24/7 config:

1090T@4270 1.45V, NB@3232

2x2GB GTX2 @ 1845 6-6-6-18-11 1T 1.69V


What I did for the tests:

- Left only 2 active cores

- adjust timings, because I don't want to torture my ram and CPU with voltage..for nothing


The test order was the same for both cases (CL4 and CL6) - open and run everest, open cpu tweaker, open 3xcpuz, open superpi, set affinity to 2nd core and run 1M, no wazza or other tweaks involved, no other settings touched, except CL.


PS: Removed screens with 1M, they are irrelevant, see next post for 32M.

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Ok, here's the real deal. It seems that the board sets it to CL8 or CL7 at best.

Can't boot at 5-8-8-24 on same settings. Results speak for themselves.

There are other possible variants, but I lost enough time to test these 5. Don't mind Everest scores, we all know they are not consistent between runs, so it's there only to display detected timings.




6-6-6 => 16m 20.337s http://i.imgur.com/ktfFl.jpg

4-6-6 => 16m 29.791s http://i.imgur.com/ej94m.jpg

6-8-8 => 16m 29.963s http://i.imgur.com/Losu5.jpg

4-8-8 => 16m 44.735s http://i.imgur.com/NdTA0.jpg

8-8-8 => 16m 42.223s http://i.imgur.com/iHzfg.jpg


I've never stated it's a real CL4, but it's the same on other boards. This stage could be complete fiasco, because you can't test virtually every board with every possible bios version.

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