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Hyperhorn - FX-8150 @ 5269.4MHz - 5269.42 mhz CPU Frequency


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Hard to tell, because AMD Overdrive, Core Temp and Aida64 were unable to get reliable temperature values with this particular CPU. With default clocks/voltages temperatures shown @ Idle were 9 to 18 °C and @ Load around 35 °C, so because AMD can't trick physics I didn't care about the values. Maybe I will try an Asus tool later.


btw this result was achieved by booting @ 202 MHz reference clock (UEFI value undercuts around 0.7 MHz) and then raising the CPU multiplier with AMD Overdrive simultaneously for all cores. With two Integer-cores enabled I couldn't achieve a single additional MHz reference-clock-wise at 26x, so for a quicktest that's basically the maximum frequency with this cooling solution. 53xx MHz should be possible with fine-tuning, but you will need LN2/LHe to make this CPU shine MHz-wise anyway. :D

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