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I think there are something wrong.


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HWBot don t add my points


Total Points: 478,1 (global points + max(hardware points, 300) )

Global Points: 178,1

Hardware Points: 308,4 (limited to 300 points for total points)


and e are no point in this submission


1. CPU-Z - 4648.31 mhz - rbuass (Team Adrenaline) - (Athlon II X2 240 @ 4648mhz)




Sorry the "extra work" and the broken english

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Still not add the CPUz points

CPU-Z - 4648.31 mhz - rbuass (Team Adrenaline) [ ]

Processor: Athlon II X2 240 @ 4648mhz


and there are less points (and cup) added (missing to me).


When its possible, please reply and fix.


Thanks ;)

Edited by rbuass
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You have hit 300 hardware points. Any more hardware points will only count for the team, but not for the personal score. So, you need to improve your global rankings to get more points.


This limitation was set in place because the Hwbot members ranking is about the top scores.

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Hm, did you check the box in the bottom of the score submission page? I checked out your 6500K Wprime score and the box was indeed checked.


Checking the box will give the score a "bointless" state, so no points will be awarded. If you want points for your scores you need to keep it unchecked.

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