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Massman's Nehalem 3DMark01 Challenge - Discussion thread


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As many of you die-hard overclockers already know: 3DMark01 still is old-skool LGA775's territory since Nehalem (LGA1156 and LGA1366) doesn't provide the specific power required for this old, yet extremely challenging, benchmark. But! Some people are convinced that Nehalem has in fact the power to break, or at least come close to, a couple of world records; the only issue is that not enough time is spent on this platform to really troubleshoot the issues and figure out the hidden performance tweaks.




We need a challenge. This time it's not a low-clock challenge, but a go-nuts-go-hard challenge. The objective is very simple: prove Massman either wrong or right when he states that Nehalem has the power for 3DMark01.


As there's no other place where I can link the competition to: it goes here. Feel free to post links to other forums where this challenge is being discussed.


LINK: http://hwbot.org/competition/Nehalem_3DM01

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To get Nature well over 2000FPS. Actually, SLI gets disabled for the other system tests as it's making the system slower.


But, on Nehalem it's already quite difficult to hit 1500FPS in nature as the limitation is the platform rather than the videocard. And 1500FPS is doable with 88GT's

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