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Vga sharing noticed


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There was no violation of the rules.




Hi guys, can the mods do something about sharing vga's??


specially when it's show in public and visible :


8800GTx is from Wesjuhdabumb


one 8800gtx and 4870X2 is from nedernakker


Benching together as you can read here Wesjuhdabumb making his 8800gtx ready for transport to nedernakker (i quoted it, so they cannot delete it fast) :




As you can read on that page and previous page that they where benching together and as rules say : http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=14815&postcount=151


Summarized the rules regarding team benching like they are now. Some need to be re-written or add some line to + need to add sponsored events. These rules are about CPU and GPU, not motherboards/ram/tweaks.


Bench alone:

- post results with your own hardware

- post results with hardware you have for review, send by the manufacturer himself

- FORBIDDEN: post results not done by you / not your hardware.


Bench session with more than 1 person:

- post result to account of owner of the hardware (3d: vga, 2d: cpu)

- when sli bench with two owners (each one card) post result to one account (you can chose which account)

- FORBIDDEN: post multiple results of the same session spread over different accounts

- FORBIDDEN: share cpu on 2D and/or gpu on 3D benches with team members to gain more points.


Is only one of the two alloowed to submit on his profile, as you can see here, they share the results what is NOT allowed, they do it more, but now is proof :





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but read the topioc link i posted.


there in that topic you see that 1 8800gtx is from Wesjuhdabumb and 1 is from nedernakker.

And posted scores with the SLI on both profiles.


That's NOT allowed.


Second : 4870X2 is from Nedernakker, and now also scores is posted on Wesjuhdabumb profile, what is NOT allowed.


this is pure hardware sharing, they benched together last weekend.

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so you should get your information straight and not alter things that i say. There is no case of deliberate cheating or what so ever, these are all valid results just submitted for the sake of fun


I never said it was on purpose, We played with open cards and the only reason you have something to complain is because we told fair and honest about what we were doing. So maybe it's not according to the rules, this is because i've misinterpreted the rules, I assumed the rules are talking about uploading the scores twice on both our profiles, this didn't happen, we both posted 2 scores of the 4 so each score is only submitted once.


the thing I said is that hypothetically if we submitted it in another way it would noy be noticed, thats something completely different.

But since google translate cannot translate the last two words in correct manner and puts the sentence in a whole other perspective in english ( must be due to your effort to make it look as bad as possible) it makes it seem like we are cheating.


And again as already said in the dutch topic, we both own an 4870X2, you allready now our plan was to bench in quad CFX, during bios flash my card bricked and I had to fall back to using the other card, since the card is Wesley's the score is on his profile. no cheating of any kind.


It's a real shame that you are trying to put me and my teammate in this kind of light in such a manner by twisting words and sentences, and all that for such a small stupid thing.. you shoul ask yourself, is it really worth al the trouble an heartache.......

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i don't say cheating, but hw sharing as 1 8800gtx is yours and the other one is from wesjuhdabumb.


So those scores may ONLY be on ONE of you're two profile.


i find the rules very straight forward and good understandable.


As i quoted the rules also in dutch topic, and in my signature i translated it as it is, google translate doesn't say it always good indeed.


This is not the first time it happens of sharing. i don't say you, but in you're team.


As to the 4870X2 was you'res and scores are on wesjuhdabumb profile, while you have also you're scores of that vga on you're profile.


And this is not the only thing, there are also other things, pics etc i emailed it to staff,

that i don't post it here.

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As i quoted the rules also in dutch topic, and in my signature i translated it as it is, google translate doesn't say it always good indeed.


But you don't translate it as it is, must be your own lack of knowledge how to interprete what i am saying, Heck means it's hypothetically, and if I wanted to do it that way, why would I post them on one day, would be stupid me right..... especially posting it like this.. I don't even care about the points. the intention is about enjoying benching together.. maybe you should start enjoying benching yourself.


You ARE calling me a cheater on the dutch forum.. and you know it's bullshit, (but i'm not even gonna quote it here because this discussion is allready a waste of my time.) I'm as straight forward as anyone could be and you should know better then this

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you're right, i didn't translate it good, i adjusted my signature, now it's good, i forgot some words in the sentence.


I adjusted it also on dutch forum, i deleted cheater.


and sad that you're not a cheater, but also not following the rules as they are.

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and there is even no need to post this in your signature, those phrases are part of a discussion, be a real man and put the entire discussion there, this is just one sentence put in an entirely wrong light and has nothing to do with these scores, and it sure is NOT what I did, and that is what you ARE making it look like now..


first calling me a cheater and then taking it back since you're obviously wrong is not enough, it's all about you even calling me a cheater. just like you are putting my name to shame by quoting things I say in such a manner that other people take me in disgrace and all that on a wrong fundament.


those are really cheap tricks, because no one reads the excuses, they only read the accusations.


I never said a wrong word to or about you, even stood up for you in some cases and now you do this to me.. it's a real pitty.. don't count on my support in the future

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Man o man.. I was having a great dinner and i'm coming back and I see this discussion. As NederNakker said, we read the rules before we submitted anything and let me state these things.:

- 1 8800gtx is mine, 1 8800gtx is from Nedernakker, according to the rules this is fine to bench in sli this way

- 1 4870x2 is mine (the asus TOP one) and one normal refference 4870x2 is from NederNakker.

- The idea was to bench both 4870x2's in CFX, problem is that the 2nd card from NederNakker got bricked with bios flash. Continued with MY card

- Uploaded the scores of the 4870x2 on MY profile, it is my card and i can proof it. Bought it secondhand a while ago..

- We were wrong about the submitting of SLI scores, true. We thought it was allowed to upload the scores to both profiles, as long as scores were not double posted. Apperantly this is wrong, and we can ajust this by moving 2 scores to NN his profile or my profile ( I will have to ask NN what he wants and what I want in this case..)


No problem at all..

And I think when the scores of the 8800GTX cards are on 1 profile all is fine right..?

And by the way, quoting posts and putting things in signatures "in case they will delete something.." Come on..


Edit: Deleted both 8800GTX scores on my profile, agreed with Nedernakker that he will upload these to his profile. So I keep the scores of the 4870X2 that are benched with my card (just saying again..) and he keeps all the SLI scores on his profile. I guess this is all that needs to be done? If not please let me know..

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Last line says all
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And by the way, quoting posts and putting things in signatures "in case they will delete something.." Come on..


guess he's affraid because that's obviously his way of acting since he has removed more then one comment in his reactions to me...


well that said, the two gtx scores are moved to my account in an effort to end this pointless discussion.. like bruce says.

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Must be a big plan to take OTH down xD Good luck with it Chiller. Except from misposting scores we don't cheat or whatsoever. Get your ln2, bench your classified and shut the hell up. Guess you somehow got to compensate the lack of good benching.(or maybe other things you lack...)

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