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The official XtremeSystems Cheapazchips Challenge Fall 2009 thread.


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but then you list only 1 card? :D


I think this is the 3rd time we've done this. We vote on a single GPU to target and then we all wail on them for a month or so. It's a lot of cheap fun :)


Why is this a closed competition in the first place? If people submit using the correct hw, they may participate, no?


By keeping the challenge closed it would require people to go to XS and chat it up in the challenge thread. This isn't about winning prizes or anything, it's about having fun. So, I didn't want some random person submitting scores and none of us having a clue who/what is going on. The original format would let everyone know everyone as we chat about bashing these chips into the ground.

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How come the rankings here aren't split into cooling classes? There are 2 classes of scores, air/water, and extreme cooling.

The guys running standard cooling types aren't competing against the dice/ln2 guys.




edit: One more thing, this has always been an XS competition. As Chris said, it's about much more than just who gets the best score. If someone can't be bothered to join the forum and thread there, I don't think they should be eligible.

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