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Running 3-way, GT1 goes down 10%. The decrease in GT4 is slightly larger, but that is what we expect from a more GPU-bound subtest.




// edit: played with affinity.


- C0 = 24.6 FPS

- C1 = 24.7 FPS

- C0+C1 = 42.01 FPS

- C0+C2 = 51.14 FPS

- C0+C1+C2 = 60 FPS

- C0+C2+C4 = 67.39 FPS

- C0+C1+C2+C3 = 71.2 FPS

- C0+C2+C4+C6 = 75.21 FPS

- C0+C1+C2+C3+C4+C5 = 80.44 FPS

- C0+C1+C2+C3+C4+C5+C6+C7 = 82.81 FPS


// edit2:


Looking at this this score makes me even more confused




GT2, GT3, GT4 are on par with Bulldozer and Thuban. For some reason GT1 is the only subtest that is getting major performance hits. Also, GT1 isn't supposed to scale with frequency it seems. Stelaras has better GT1 with 1GHz less CPU power and 50MHz more GPU speed.



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Yea it wont go higher than 2.7-2.8 on air, i just saw a chart AMD made somewhere it said to expect 3-4ghz CPU NB clock under LN2, so i was wondering.
Tried to get it up an friday and I'm stuck @ about 2.8. CPU was just at -20 °C, but it didn't show any scaling before so it was just for safety reasons.
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in terms of score ratio comment you really need to be testing exactly the same settings to see if it is just the extra frequencies on various parameters that contributed to strangeness


The ratio "strangeness" is not a worry. It's probably due to software and/or NB clocking.

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Nice PJ!


What brings you the perf gain in Physiks (1400p or 14%) and Combined (600p or 8%)?

Thats huge for just a BIOS option...





I got the boost when I changed two things, but didn't have enough LN2 to check which of the two was causing the actual gain. I did:


- run NB 1:1 with HT Link

- lower memory multiplier from 1:4 to 3:10


I spoke about this gain with Macci and the best we could come up with is that choosing a lower memory multiplier is tightening up the memory in some way. This probably in combination with a highly overclocked CPU and NB. I didn't see this kind of bottleneck on air cooling.


I think Leeghoofd is picking up the gear tomorrow evening and can't keep the cards for much longer anymore either, so further testing will be for another time, I think.

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