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3DMark Will Return - new 3DMark in 2012


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Just a FYI...




Not much yet, but "it's coming". Key bits off the PR:


3DMark for Windows 8 (working title)


* Measures and compares gaming performance on all Windows 8 devices

* Stunning real-time scenes stress test all levels of hardware

* Supports both x86 and ARM-based architectures

* Can be used in both Metro UI and 'classic' Windows environments

* Created in co-operation with the world’s leading technology companies

* Currently in development, expected to be released in 2012


Edit: Oh, and there is one concept art image (*not* a screen capture)...



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Oh, wow. Comparing all those devices should be an interesting challenge!


Indeed. You may also probably do some 1+1 math and figure out what would be required from a benchmark to do so, across all that hardware space... can't go into all the tech details yet (mostly because all of that isn't yet set in stone, heck a lot about Windows 8 isn't set in stone yet), but it won't be a "3DMark 11 Second Edition" - it will be a complete new benchmark.

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Comparing scores across so many platforms will be hard and maybe not sit well with this request, but if possible.... please can the score algorithm... "make sense"? :D Simple is good :D


It is a complex issue and nothing has been decided on that yet, but obviously we are aware that it is a key aspect that has to make sense...

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