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Almost 2 years ago we had a GeForce4 3Dmark03 challenge.

Few days ago I discovered that my submisson from that contest was blocked by Christian Ney, who benched the same card and cannot beat my result. That's why he blocked it, but it doesn't work too. j/k :)

So, block all of those submissions from contest or unblock mine, please.





Reason is clear - same GT2 & GT3 boost, which was "checked" during the contest and had no punishment.

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Checked as OK (unblocked) I talkt to Turrican and seems that was due to the driver used that gives a huge boost in GT2 & GT3 (These drivers have been disallowed the day just after the competition).

As I wasn't active back then I did not know, sorry, but all results with those drivers made after the competition are not allowed

Thank for noticed that and reported it

Edited by Christian Ney
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