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Testing Rampage IV Extreme

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  • 1 month later...

maybe others of you can check that: booting high bclk will often end in "79" specially when it reboots after raising the multi.


best way to work around it with fresh bios:

load bios profile, save and reset

set 125 strap / 125 bclk

set final voltage and multiplier to 32 (as this will always boot), reset

set 35x multi and reset

now set 40x or higher and keep fingers crossed it will not reboot

if it reboots 80-90% chance of 79...


anyone else?

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got my 3960X (maybe C1 not sure) and don't have the problem anymore.


but I benched with singlestage the first time this night and after ~6 hours the board did some crazy thing. while running 3DM06 at 1.6V it suddenly gave +0.15V for no reason and I ended up running the CPU Test with 1.75V :eek:

it wanted to raise the voltage even further until I shut it down. Stock voltage after cmos clear was 1.45V...

Needed some more reboots until it went back to normal...very strange...could bench another 2 hours afterwards with no issues.

Then warming up, benching again, after 2 hours the same issue...it was early morning by then so I decided to leave it alone for a while...

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Are you running the highest value of LLC ?


usually running medium or ultra high.

got my 3820 today but seems to suck (40x126) and additionally my windows freezes all the time when I want to check GPUs...

I think I will only check to get it back running, sell a card and wait for ivy ;)

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is it possible to have a clock wall at 5330mhz on this board? I've tested to different chips on ln2 and both of them maxed out at the exact same frequency of 5337mhz 6c/12t which leads me to the idea maybe I mess something up in the bios settings. The 1st chip is a 3960X engineering sample which has the same FPO as Massman tested, and his cpu maxed out at the same clocks. The second one is a retail boxed 3930K C2 chip. So is it possible to "find " another 70 stable mhz to minimally statisfie my needs or just live with it to have 2 sb-e cpu-s with the exact same max frequencies? In offtopic the C2 chip is a piece of ....... stability wise, the ES was a lot more relaxed, and kept the setting throughout 4-5 hours straight, while the C2 b1tch had to be finetuned at every damn boot process, and froze a lot, even at settings which were stable for 2 hours ..............

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I thought so. :( I will try to squeeze out at least 20-30mhz more but not too many options. Vcore don't help. Maybe a good combination of vrm settings, and high pll voltage will result in 5330-5350mhz stable. The cpu's are not bad temp wise cause both of them can bench at -70 or lower and boot with streched imc at - 63c. To tell the truth the lack of raw cpu mhz is not the main and only problem, the worst part is that i got results similar to 5-5,1ghz cpu-s at 5.3 ish..

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Yeah i had the same feeling, that it can run at -70 doesn't equal to It likes that temp so next time I will try to play at higher temps, but with -20c on the pot I think is a bit to high. It can be + temps under high loads no ? Had a 5.6ghz 2500k chip ( dead by now .. ) which was able to run down to -80-100 but liked -50 the most and gave me + 200mhz lol. hopefully sb-e will react the same. I just want to play safe and not burn the mobo. .

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