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Videocard specifications requests : Please add 9600gt 48 shader edition


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There should be a category where he can post scores with this card, a category that fits the specs and performance of the GPU. 9600gt ddr2 may fit performance wise. 9600gso is out of the question, it's way faster because of the 96 shaders. Same with the regular ddr3 9600gt category, because of the shaders. The DDR2 memory may compensate a little for the missing shaders.


On the other hand: posting a score with a card that has the wrong memory type as well as the wrong amount of shaders isn't exactly optimal. However: if creating a new category is not an option that's the only thing you can do :)

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...so 9600gt ddr2 it is:)


If there were a million different 9 series cards i'd agree with you, but atm there are not too many - this one isn't even close to fit in any category. I'm sure that if more "weird" cards show up then at some point there will be no need for more rankings as the specs are always pretty close to some other card that's already in the database.


OP SHOULD be allowed to put this card in a category that's fair for him and the competitiors in that category. If we can't add hardware because it's not "common enough" then HWBot is moving in a very bad direction...


Plus: http://hwbot.org/forum/showpost.php?p=28268&postcount=37


This is not a "complete VGA database" if you don't include cards that are quite different from the reference model ;)

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