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Why? I don't get it

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Hi there, I'm new here, nice to know you and please guide me as I'm a newbie here.. :)


I have questions :


1. i was wondering why they changed my hardware without confirming to me?

i use HD4870x2 and HD4870 so basically 3x HD4870 but they changed it to 2x HD4870x2..

that's not fair to compare 4x HD4870 to 3x HD4870..


2. and this 1 is crazy.. i did single gpu benchmark, using HD4870, and someone changed it to 2x HD4870x2 !! you've gotta be kidding me..


no one emailed me about this to ask or whatever.. im so confused, i cant change it back now..

it's not fair having single gpu to be compared with quadfire.. :(

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1) HD 4870 X2 is a single card. So goes in single VGA ranking. When you added the HD 4870 it becomes a multi VGA setup. Since HWbot doesn't do mixed SLI/CF; the score goes into the highest rated card, so HD 4870 X2 in CF.


2) please post a link to that score, I'll take a look.


link to the first one too, I'll check to see if an email was send out or not.


ok that's fine, i can still accept it.. but HD4870 to be 2x HD4870x2?? that's insane.. :(




see the 2003 one which i used to get trophy for it..

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yes we are aware that it faces though competition, but the HWbot engine was created in simpler times; mixed GPU ranking is not possible at this time; as it requires a complete, from the grounds up, re-write of the HWbot code.




it's very possible you got a bugged run there as the score is too high for a single HD 4870 at those clock speeds with that CPU.

you scored higher than this first place



your CPU and GPU are clocked noticeably lower; yet your score is way higher. NeoForce blocked this score, because the screenshot you included does not meet the requirements ( http://hwbot.org/benchmark.application.info.do?applicationId=2#rules ) make sure to include as much detail as possible in your SS. Without the detailed subtests of 3D03 it's hard to moderate.


gee.. so what should i do then? let them consider it as 2x HD4870x2? :(

why cant i change my info? like it's HD4870, not 2x HD4870x2..


i wish i could validate my 03 through orb.. but i have no idea why it says im using illegal key or something like that when i use the trial version, the same as what i do to mark05..

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re-run 3D03 and make a screenshot with all info as shown here.

If you score more than 72000 with a single HD 4870 and your CPU clocks are <4.5ghz and GPU clocks are <900Mhz, don't submit the score, as that qualifies as a "bugged" run; during one of the tests the benchmark incorrectly registers the FPS. This happens with 3D03 in newer OS like Vista/7


should i just delete that? since it's very ugly for 2x HD4870x2 to get that score..

it's embarrassing.. :o

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we are talking about two different scores I think ;)


quoting your first post.


score 1) was correctly edited

score 2) was blocked due too high score for CPU/GPU clocks


don't delete it, you still get 7.5 points for that score in the Global ranking of 3D03!


yea i mean the number 2.. my single HD4870..

should i just delete it or leave it and re-bench?

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score 2) was blocked by co-moderator NeoForce a few moments ago; I don't think he saw this thread yet.


yea i know.. so because it is embarrassing to have 2x HD4870x2 scores like that, should i delete it or leave it and re-bench or submit another one?


edit : now it's changed



so what should i do? and how about the issue of 21x200 in win7 since 3dmarks show it as 4ghz?

should i say 4ghz or 4.2ghz?

Edited by vinzend
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you're referring to 1) now, because that is the score with HD4870X2+4870



score 2) was with a single 4870


yea i know.. but my single HD4870 before was considered as 2x HD4870x2..

but now it has changed to single HD4870..


ok so ive done re-bench and it's 77k..

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thank you for the screenshot, wait a day please, I'm not a 3dmark crack, so I'll have to rely on my colleague moderators to give you some input on this.


Massman, Neoforce, can you check out the SS?


ok hope they see this.. and please give me inputs whether i should edit my previous or leave it and submit this score again.. :)

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