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Hynix DDR3 hit 3GHz (1505MHz)


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Nothing special here, but I finally picked up some Ln2 last week.

I didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to test my Bulldozer chips which have been laying in the closet months now.

My BD CPU's are crap, so I quickly discovered, that it was time for scatter benching.


I did small article about Ripjaws-Z memory on my website few days a go.

OC results were not that good, cause SB-E is limiting overclockability a lot.

Then I got idea to test AMD BD + Ripjaws-Z combination.



Well, just super loose timings from bios and that's it.





I will start to get back in to oc things slowly during next year, so I will not wait another 4 months without benching.


Merry Xmas to all!

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damn, it's so easy with BD

back in the Lynnfield days you had to test shitloads of chips to find one that does 1500 :D


Yes, exactly. I never found suitable lynnfiled platform for memory oc. Any BD will do this easily, no doubt about that.


Would be cool to test some better memory for this kind of usage. This kit is perfect on 24/7 platform :)

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