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Hi. My last score:


please add to hwb database a new mobo:

manuf: Aopen

model: AX4TII-133

chipset: intel 850E

socket 478

memory RDRAM


please also edit my submission: change motherboard from AX4T to new added AX4TII-133




I have also a motherboard to add:

manuf: Shuttle

model: AV18

socket: 370

chipset: Apollo Pro133A/T


link (in German): https://www.shuttle.eu/_archive/older/de/av18.htm


(mine has VIA Apollo Pro 133T chipset, so "Apollo Pro133A/T" from hwb database fits, I think).


Tomorrow I will upload my cpu-z valid (and upload score if you add this mobo to database)






please edit database:

http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/d850mv/ - the motherboard has i850 not i850E chipset.

http://hwbot.org/hardware/chipset/850/#start=0#interval=20 - link to i850 chipset in HWB database

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Thanks, I can't see any errors for just added motherboards.


Now I have found few things:

This motherboard http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ms_6153/

all submissions on this motherboard are wrong. These submissions are done on MSI MS-6153VA (which has VIA Apollo chipset) so please add:

manuf: MSI

model: MS-6153VA

socket: 370

chipset: VIA APOLLO PRO (i think it's the category: http://hwbot.org/hardware/chipset/via_693a596b/#start=0#interval=20)

link: https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/MS6153VA.html#hero-overview

and so if you can, please edit all submissions by these two Germans (luebke and darkniz).

I reported Luebke's submission (yesterday) for admins to do changes, but no changes for now.


Please , add:

manuf: INTEL

model: SBT2 (link http://www.esaitech.com/intel-sbt2-dual-pentium-iii-xeon-slot-2-fsb-133mhz-video-lan-atx-motherboard-oem-bare.html)

chipset: ServerSet III LE (http://hwbot.org/hardware/chipset/le_3.0/#start=0#interval=20)

socket: slot2

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On 2/1/2020 at 10:40 AM, Leeghoofd said:



Sapphire A4-A985 - ATI A4 - ATX mobo

ATI® IGP340(A4) Chipset ATX Motherboard



ATI® IGP340(A4) Chipset Micro ATX Motherboard






it made by PCPartner for Sapphire 

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  • Crew
18 minutes ago, gotohell said:

Dont be a mad shoolguy, iam to lazzy for cpu-z links.

It's not about madness. We usually try to add board name as they are written in DMI - boards name displayed by CPU-Z. That's why we need validation links. Post them and we'll add them.

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