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Hondacity - 3x GeForce GTX 580 - 15274 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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dude the ch5 was a super pain! hahahha sometimes it would just freeze. i had to reflash twice. i didn't even know how to switch to bios2.


the rog xpander worked but i can't overclock the cpu :/ hence the 3x sli


if it broke your nerves.. my nerves are burning lol.. and now they're ashes hahahhahaha

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one ebay, i thought this was a dud, it was the 4x bug

one oneline store

one bad@games thanks alot bro!

one from newegg 3gb edition. had a hard time using coolbits reg tweak to make it work. but rog xpander didn't let me oc my cpu so it was not 4x sli..


rog xpander was borrowed from v2-v3

ax1200 was from v2-v3


ln2 was stolen from oxarc northwest office


all of them arrived wednesday(didn't have much time as i was so busy with work)


imagine a noob working with 4gpus lol...and an amd noob too hahahaha

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