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phil - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1310/1900MHz - 3014.14 DX11 Marks Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset (DX11)


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" Added the Professional edition (see details below)

Improved support of various GPUs

Added support of indirect occlusion (SSDO) to simulate real-time global illumination

Improved the stability during multi-hour running

Fixed Windows GUI launcher compatibility issues

Improved the quality of ambient occlusion

Fixed minor content glitches

Added a user manual

Improved an installer for Windows



I guess I can assume that you are running 19x10 also because there is no rez. mentioned in your validation "screenshots".

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I thought there's no NDA...just a soft launch with the cards late to market.


AMD reference card NDA was released 12/22/11. Partner cards are still {supposed to be} under NDA until 1/9/12, which is why I'm surprised ASUS let Shammy & Andre loose so early. Not that I'm arguing, these results are awesome to see; but by the letter of the law we aren't supposed to see anything other than AMD reference until next Monday.


Now, with phil getting his card at retail, that's between him and his store whether he should be doing this. :)

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