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Radeon HD 7970: Making things TOO easy


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So, Radeon 7970 is making it too easy to set top scores right now. It's a pity the hard work of the GTX580 overclockers is now so easily beaten, but that's the hard life of the overclocking scene I guess. New hardware means new records.




- Core i7 3960X

- MSI Big Bang XPower II

- 2x 2GB Gskill RipjawsX

- 2x 2GB Gskill Flare

- 4x Sapphire Radeon HD 7970

- Cooler Master Silent Pro M1000

- Thortech Thunderbolt 1200W

- Windows 7 SP1




th_SAM_0005.jpg th_SAM_0006.jpg th_SAM_0007.jpg th_SAM_0008.jpg th_SAM_0012.jpg th_SAM_0013.jpg th_SAM_0014.jpg th_SAM_0015.jpg th_SAM_0016.jpg th_SAM_0017.jpg th_SAM_0018.jpg th_SAM_0019.jpg th_SAM_0020.jpg th_SAM_0021.jpg




1x 7970


th_272416t.png th_4094t.png th_11305t.png th_16518t.png th_41736t.png th_144558t.png


2x 7970


th_5177938t.png th_6266947t.png th_7896t.png th_19188t.png th_24509t.png th_55680t.png th_169967t.png


3x 7970


th_6956553t.png th_7269285t.png th_11513t.png th_25931t.png th_29912t.png th_71690t.png


4x 7970 Crossfire


th_7062472t.png th_7175785t.png th_14732t.png th_29493t.png th_30712t.png th_74811t.png th_192127t.png

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