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Kingpin F1 Dark Preview


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You might have seen this elsewhere already. I'm posting in multiple places because this thing is so darn good looking. Anyway, I had the "photo shoot" of this beast last night and can't help but share a few. It's just a great looking piece of hardware. The review will be written after I have a chance to drive it cold.


If you have never taken photos of something that shiny and that dark, it is difficult to say the least. These were some of the best I could come up with, hope you like them!














You'll have to wait until the review for the rest. Barring unforeseen complication I plan on livestreaming with it during the day on Monday, January 16th on Sandy Bridge-E to test control and (time and LN2 allowing) Bulldozer to test balls-to-the-wall full pot action! Hope to start ~9am EST.

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It makes sense in a roundabout way (heh, round). CPUs are square, thus the pot should be. :P


But SandyB1tches are clocking in "a circle" past the clock wall so we need round pots, or don't we? :D


I say it isn't possible to really improve CPU-OC with a better pot but for GPU's the 580 GTX was a real challenge...and there have been very few pots really optimized for that...

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I'lll be benching LIVE, Monday, January 16th @ ~9:30AM EST




Sub-zero benching tomorrow starting with Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E platform and (time & LN2 allowing) AMD’s FX platform after that.


Tune in to Overclockers Live! at ~9:30 a.m. EST (plus or minus 15 minutes)for some overclocking with liquid nitrogen (LN2).


... Return to article to continue reading.

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Today was a very fun if only partially productive day. The 3960X was a massive fail on cold. Its 5.1GHz brick wall on water didn't move one MHz on LN2. So I just ran the Mini-Forum Wars benches and tore it down.


(htpp = hardware team power points & ugp = user global points)


3960X Benches


SuperPi 1M: 7.375s - 2.1 htpp

UC Bench: 1831.2 - 2.4 htpp

WPrime 1024M - 100.999s - 2.0 htpp / 3.8 ugp


3D Bonus Benches


3DMark03: 158711 - 2.2 htpp / 16.7 ugp

Heaven DX9: 4944.39 - 3.6 htpp


Then I tortured the hell out of the FX-8150. I mean that quite literally. It wouldn't get above 7651MHz for validation. So I ran all the benches at the highest I could.....then made it scream. It was going to give me some more megahurtz or it was going to die trying.


FX-8150 Benches


SuperPi 1M: 11.468s - 5.4 htpp

SuperPi 32M: 11:54.813 - 5.5 htpp

PiFast: 21.36s - 6.1 htpp

UC Bench: 1670 - 6.3 htpp

WPrime 32M: 4.765s - 2.9 htpp / 9.3 ugp

WPrime 1024M: 151.172s - 2.6 htpp

CPUz: 7651.2MHz - 3.6 htpp / 18.9 ugp


.....it died trying at 2.3V. RIP.


Now pictures!


3960X light freezing.




FX-8150 all kinds of frozen.




Cool frost formation.




All in all a very fun day. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and watched!

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Sorry to sound bitter, didn't mean it that way. It's just hard without a reference, such as my old Inflection point, or a good old F1 EE, but a pot I've never heard of. :)


The review is a nice try, but as always, it's hard to write something to convey the true benching feeling since it isn't all as black and white as with graphics cards, etc, where all the differences can be shown in graphs.

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It was compared to my experience with an F1EE, I guess it should have been more clear I used both. I didn't have one to photograph side-by-side, but I've used the F1EE too. It wasn't mentioned in the performance section because I didn't take notes when using the F1EE to know the actual temperature swings. The feeling was very similar. Picture this one as an F1EE with nickel plating and perhaps a little bit more mass. It is very close to the same performance (or feeling as you mention), if not identical.


"Giraffe Pot" is a Duniek pot, fwiw.

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I was benching 3d06 1x core and 6x core.


I was benching 7ghz celeron(1core @ 1.9ish volts) with the classic f1ee. maintaining temps @ -140c, coldbugging setup.


and a gulftown 5.8ghz with the infxn (1.78volts 12threads) maintaining temps @ -140c


both glazed. one pot is superior to the other and reacted better with small pours.

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