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Gamercosti - Athlon 64 4400+ X2 Brisbane @ 2310.6MHz - 13957 marks PCMark Vantage


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A mail i got:

"HWBOT submission reported




One of your submissions has been reported as incorrect by an HWBOT member.Please check whether the problem is valid and can be resolved.


This was the reason the user gave: reported by user


The reporting user also noted:


3DMark Vantage Score posted as PCMark Vantage


The submission:PCMark Vantage - 13957 marks - Gamercosti - Athlon 64 4400+ X2 Brisbane @ 2310.6MHz


Yours sincerely,

the hwbot.org team"



haters gonna hate :))))))))))))))

To the dude that didnt get it: vintage is a VIDEO test, look at the gpu i used... it's a freakin animal, of course i got a high score; processors have almost no impact in gaming. Just buy the cheapest dual core you can find and the most expensive gpu on the market and you will play everything on ultra whilst the i7 idiot will struggle at medium (that's a budget build im talking about).

ps: stop buying all those 600w+ retarded power supplies. A true 400W will run anything with an intel inside since video needs something like 175W and the processor 70w and all the rest are hdd's and ram

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