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Need opinions. Would/should this be allowed?


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THIS CARD IS NOT AN 8800GT. I made it LOOK like an 8800GT to the drivers so I can use it with 169.21 drivers and get a boost in 3D01.. possibly 3D03.


Might also remove coldbug....



I can rank well without bending the way the card is seen by the drivers. I can get Gold if I do.


Will respect HWB decision either way. I dont like doing stuff like this and sponsors might not like "ugly" solutions on the way to WR but better asking now :)

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Oh... submitting it in the original cards category is no problem, thats all im interested in. It DOES make things hard for you guys though and I can see why it might annoy some other users.



About trying Omega drivers:


"Unlike Futuremark, hwbot chooses to allow people to use whatever driver they feel is best for their videocard, be it an official version of the videocard driver. Pre-modified performance drivers, such as Starstorms, are not allowed for the simple reason that the HWbot crew is unable to be certain that there are no cheats implemented in those drivers.


There is one exception: the Omega Ati drivers. These are allowed because they give the user the opportunity to unlock for instance pipelines on their video card."



Does this mean nVidia Omega drivers are NOT allowed?

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