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please read the rules



3.4. Unlocked CPUs and Modded Video Cards


Again this is a subject where we have to trust on the honesty of the submitter; if you have a CPU with unlocked multiplier, please only submit results under the hardware category of its original model. Don’t emulate other models to gain HWboints, if you are caught you will get penalized or even banned. The same goes for video cards which are modified either with a flashed BIOS or modded software, post your scores in the category of the original hardware.


Update 27th July 2009: It is allowed to unlock extra cores and cache if your processor allows that. Again, you do have to submit your result to the category of the original hardware

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So if I unlock my Phenom II x3 BlackEdition (3cores/threads). To a Phenom II x4 20(4cores/threads).


I can then post my scores in the x3(3cores/threades) ,category.

Without getting banned? Or my score deleted?


EDIT: Ok, it's allowed.

So I'll do it to!

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